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We do everything necessary to ensure the safe undertaking of business activity, with due regard to QHSE legislation and impact upon the environment.We make sure that your QHSE policy is accessible where ever you are.


The process for ‘QHSE Management’ seeks to ensure that all arrangements, necessary to ensure the safe undertaking of business activity with due regard to QHSE legislation and impact upon the environment, are established and implemented.

The process is central to the objectives of business QHSE policy.


To ensure a safe place of work, no harm to the environment, continuous improvement of the business QHSE performance, continuing to satisfy international standards and full legislative compliance by systematic application of the business Management System within a planned approach to managing QHSE performance.

Business Values

The business QHSE Management Group significantly contributes toward these following values:


Health Safety and Environmental

To achieve operational excellence in the business it is recognised that QHSE issues must be managed in a systematic and structured manner. QHSE planning based on identification of hazard and management of risk associated with operations is central to achieving exceptional QHSE performance.


The process for ‘QHSE Management’ enables a cycle of continuous improvement and where effectively implemented, will demonstrate effective control of the business operations.


Awareness of Health and Safety issues and of the controls provided, empower individuals to assume control of their environment thus allowing them to proactively influence and improve HS&E performance within the workplace. This awareness will also nurture a positive HS&E culture.

Mission /Value Statement

Wiering’s QHSE Consultancy is the firm of choice for clients committed to enhancing their organizations.  We are the architects of programs that build and secure the trust between our clients and their people. 

Our consultants guide our clients through the challenges confronting them today and prepare them for tomorrow.

Wiering’s QHSE Consultancy Statement of Values

  • We are dedicated to total client satisfaction.
  • We deliver excellence, superior quality and value in everything we do.
  • We recognize that the most important asset are employees and encourage their professional growth.
  • We require the integrity, professionalism and contributions of our employees for our success.
  • We are committed to the importance of all employees’ quality of life and a balance between their personal and work lives.
  • We are committed to operating as an independent consulting firm.

Wiering’s QHSE Consultancy Vision Statement

In our chosen markets, we are the leader in client satisfaction, professionalism, superior quality and innovation.
Our teams combine technical excellence with a superior understanding of client needs and the environment in which our clients operate.
We are committed to working partnerships with our clients that add value and consistently exceed expectations.